so long 2013...

Hello friends,

For many of you, 2013 is a thing of the past, but I've still got 10 minutes left of it! 2013 was a pretty good year filled with lots of surprises. I'm looking forward to 2014 in hopes of an even better one!

Also I wanted to take a second to note the changes in my blog's layout if it hasn't been noticed already! I felt it needed a new look for 2014-- a light fresh start! 2014 just might be my tech savviest year ever ;)

Till next time and Have a Happy New Year!


december babble: on forward

Hello friends,

I've decided to start a little series called monthly babble to really get into the swing of things along with 2014 Blogger Challenge (which I'm  really excited for)! In these monthly babbles I hope to maybe give you something to laugh or think about. Most of its contents may be about different topics. This month's babble is the december babble which the theme is "on forward". Since we are getting to move into the new year, it seems to fit well. Well enough chatter, and on to the post!


☃ Happy Holidays

Hello friends,

Just wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, (late) Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa! 




Hello Friends!

I hope everyone is well! A few moments ago, I posted a new picture on deviantART, so I wanted to display it here too!: 

And also a bonus version, exclusive only to my blog:

Which one do you like better? I feel like the second one is more abstract (.-.  )

I originally drew out the picture with charcoal pencils I got as a gift! I love them soooo much! I was surprised to see how they would work out since its my first time using them! I have a video of me drawing with them, so comment below if you'd like me to post it!

See ya,


A word to the saddened...

A word to the saddened:
"Do not quiver or shake

Be strong
For you have made it thus far
Be proud
Those who don't see your genius are blind
Be happy
Because you will always be a light in someone's eyes"
Gemi / gemsbabble.blogspot.com

Its okay to be sad, upset, or feel lonely. But, what you must not do is sit still and stir in those emotions. Be strong: There will always be hurdles to overcome. What these hurdles may be all depend on your situation. Do not let them stand in your way. For you have been blessed with legs to leap over your hurdles. Patience and perseverance will get you there.
Be proud: Be proud of all your accomplishments so far. They may not seem like much at first glance, but look again! Others may laugh, but they do not know. For the jewel you have discovered may seem like a rusted bolt to them. But even a rusted bolt has a purpose.
Be happy: Why shouldn't you? For happiness is gift. 



☃ #2014 Blogger Challenge

Hello Friends!

I'd like to inform all of this fun challenge that you can sign up for at AnotherGirlyBlog! Its easy to sign up. All you have to do is click the link above, and leave your name, blog and e-mail address in the comments below! I encourage everyone to join!

Here's a quick excerpt from her blog post:
"The New Year is a time for resolutions and starting fresh, so why not start with a challenge to kick off the new year! I have come up with the #2014bloggerchallenge. The challenge is to write a blogpost twice a month about different topics. The #2014bloggerchallenge posts will go live during the 1st and the 3rd weeks of each month. Everyone who signs up will be sent an email with the post topics. The topic ideas are there to give you new ideas and encourage you to write about things you wouldn't normally write about. "

Till next time,


VN: Checkpoint #5

Hello Friends!
Much has been done since the last update!

But, here is a quick question:
Do you like it when you're able to choose the character's name for yourself?

Word Count: 1,418


Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor Who!

Hello friends and fellow whovians,

I'm so pumped for the next doctor!!! Just two more hours!
Alas, I won't be able to watch when the special premiers, but i'll try to catch up!

Also, I really like what google did:

That's all folks!


❁ Kiriban @ 777

Hello friends, 

This may be good news for some, and irrelevant to others... but I'll be having a kiriban at 777 page views.

You might be asking:

What is a Kiriban?
A way to get more views/ people viewing your blog, but giving x# visitor a free drawing.
Sorry I'm not the best at explaining things. In my case, whoever the 777 page viewer is will receive a digital drawing of their choice. (with some restrictions)

Cool, but how do I join?
You already are! You don't have to be a follower of my blog. 

How do I keep track of how many page views this blog has?
In the left column, near the top, there is a page views counter with the title "Kiriban @ 777".

How do you know who won?
You must either e-mail me a screenshot of the counter, or if you know of another method and you'd like to share, please do!

Why, you ask?
Its just a little thing to liven up the atmosphere! Let loose and have fun!

So, if you'd like to win some free art, take part in this kiriban, and if you could, tell your friends!
Till then, 


❁ Cold Weather...

Hello friends,
     How are you all? Surprisingly, this week hasn't been a busy one for me, which is a pretty good thing. Things are finally starting to wind down, relieving a bit stress. I have so much to update! My visual novel's progress has been speeding up, so hopefully I can get that together by the end of the year to release the demo. Two crafts are coming up just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday that I think you'll like!

Off topic here:
I was watching this youtube video today and they talked about taking a personality test for a brief moment, so I decided to try one out. The first time I took it I got the personality code INTP (web), and the second time I took it I got INFP (web). Both are quite similar, but I've decided to stick with the second test. I would say its description suits me well. If you already know your's or if you'd like take one of the tests from the links given and share in the comments what your personality code is!

Stay warm if you are having those seasonal changes,


❁ Hello friends/ A new leaf...

I don't really know where to start . . .

    Well, I could start by saying, "hello!" and "how are you all?", and so I shall.
So, hello everyone, and how are you all? It's been a while (a month to be exact). Much of my absence has been due to school life, art block and etc. Though, I can't blame all of it on those things, because some of this fault is my own. I really do enjoy blogging, I do, but sometimes I feel life is moving to fast for me to catch up with it or take the time to blog --and today I want to change that. Now that things are starting to settle down, I want to get back into blogging, but this time not only for my original purpose: art. I want to do so much more, and not be limited to a specific thing! Its as though I'm starting afresh.
   This is sorta my way of saying my blog is going to be undergoing an assortment of changes and not to be too alarmed! The end result may be drastic, or not. And to keep myself on track I might try sticking to a schedule. I'm not sure what the future holds for me and my blog, but I hope to see a bright one!

Till next time,


VN: Checkpoint #4.5

Hello everyone! Its been a while since I last made a post.
But, I will say that it wasn't all to waste! I drew some things, which I hope to have time to post up eventually. For now, here is a checkpoint for my visual novel, Symphonic Pursuit. (Not to much of a difference from last time.)


❁ New Theme + Bloglovin'

Hello Everyone! How are you all? 

I'm guessing by now you must have noticed the change in my blog's theme, depending on what type of device you are using. What do you think? Do you like it, or hate it? I like it, it feels a bit more fancier that what I had before.

Also, if you haven't noticed already, my blog is on bloglovin, so if its not too much to ask for, I hope you all don't mind following me via there, if you don't already (^u^ ). And if you have one too, please leave a comment below so I can follow you back!!! (Or a blog in general!)


P.S. Hope you all have a wonderful day/night, and if you're American, I hope you have a lovely Labor Day weekend!


I'm back!

Hey everyone!

It's good to be back, after about a month or so? It's been pretty busy for me since school started this week, but hopefully I'll start getting back into the swing of things! Either later today or tommorow, I may post some artwork you all! 

Until then, see ya!



VN: Checkpoint #4

Hi everyone!! Here's a quick update at where I'm at in the visual novel process:

       I have good news and semi-bad news. The good news is that I'm finished with chapter one (writing part) of the game and I have already started on chapter 2. The bad news is the demo won't be released in this next week because the graphics have still not been put together [:<]

       However, so far i'm getting as much as I can get done. The demo's goal is to reach at least chapter 3, so if you look at it like that I'm about halfway there~


a quick swim

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your day!

Original version

Version two (exclusive only to my blog~!)

Which version do you like better?



new artwork

~ H i   e v e r y o n e !~

I just added a new pic on deviantart with a bonus which is only going to be displayed here!

(bonus pic~!)

that's all for now! VN updates are coming up next!




. more random doodles.

~. e n j o y .~



. h e l l o .

just a quick doodle I made~ Enjoy your day!
(maybe I should make him into my OC)


VN: Checkpoint #3.5

Hey everyone!

I know you're all going to get mad at me for this, but I rage quit/restarted the whole story line for the project.
To me, it just didn't seem to flow well, and it felt like I was putting together a whole bunch of pieces that didn't quite fit. I'm also taking out the "magical essence" to the story, until I can find a way to work it in.
However, I 'm not giving up and I will strive to work as diligently as I can! Its going to be a lot of work, but I'm trying. I do have chapter one almost finished, and hopefully release a demo by the end of July!


VN: Checkpoint #3

¡Hola, mis amigos!

So lately I've slacking, because I was on tumblr 24/7 this whole past week, and eating non stop (;^ ;  )
If my camera wasn't broken, I would have been posting character draft pics and stuff, but noooooo it just had to drop on the ground, didn't it? Also if you notice in the Themes, I put Magical there... don't judge me. I can tell you all though, that chapter one is complete, but will need a lot of brush ups. Probably expect it to be about three chapters long. They'll probably give a good base line of what the full game is going to be like.

Word Count: 863

Type of Game: Visual Novel
Themes: Slice of Life, Romance, Mystery, Magical?
Characters: 6+

Demo Progress
Story-line: 30%
Characters: 10%
Background: 0%
Codes: 15%

(I can at least give you the ideas for names I already have..)
- Linette (Playable character)
- Aleck (obtainable)
- Marcellus (obt.)
- Perice (obt.)
- Fredrick (obt.)
- Mystery character (obt.)

P.S. I can't give a release date, but when I do it'll be posted on here first...


VN: Checkpoint #2


I'm finally making drastic progress, and I finally will be able to work on the characters soon! (768 word so far bby <3 )

Type of Game: Visual Novel
Themes: Slice of Life, Romance, Mystery
Characters: TBA

Demo Progress
Story-line: 30%
Characters: 5%
Background: 0%
Codes: 15%



***PS: Also, I decided to give Ren'py 6.15 another try and it is going great so far!


VN: Checkpoint #1

Hi Everyone!

I recently made a Lemma Soft account so once I get the hang of it, i'll start posting some progress there:

   I'm definitely going to post up a demo first before I decide if I want to continue with the project.

So here is some background info on what I have so far..

Type of Game: Visual Novel
Themes: Slice of Life, Romance...
Characters: TBA

Demo Progress
Story-line: 15%
Characters: 5%
Background: 0%
Codes: 15%




Visual Novel...?

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since I made a post.... but I have a surprise! I might be making a visual novel! (I say might because eventually my laziness will take over...)

*\(^ o ^)/*

So far I'm in the process of learning and messing around with with a program called Ren'py. I definitely encourage you to try this program out if your interested, especially if you're new to learning how to use scripts. It a bit tricky, but its easy once you get the hang of it

(o' v  'o)

I must say though, that the newest version : 6.15.13 is pretty confusing so I recommend starting to learn how to use Ren'py with version 6.13 which can be found here : http://www.renpy.org/release/6.13 

If you don't want to heed my warning, or you're pretty pro at this, go ahead and try out the new version here:
(but don't say I didn't warn you!)

Also I may need a bit of help with figuring out a story line... 

(. _ .)

I started making the backgrounds and characters, but so far the story-line is a bit................................ dry? I don't really know how to explain it but it needs a bit more ommph!

So I was thinking maybe giving me a couple genre ideas or anything else you can think of in the comments below would be quite kind of you all....


Thanks for Reading! 

P.S. I'll also probably post some tuts(tutorials) and screenshots of my progress as well!


While I've been gone.... (Pic Spam)


For my English project on The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. It is an amazing play that everyone should get a chance to read! I wanted to take pictures of when everything was fully colored but my camera broke ;C so no good quality pictures for a while...




Hey everyone! I finally got my camera uploading things, so i'll be able to upload all my doodles and drafts for art work..

(Some old ones, i meant to post, but forgot..)

Finished: http://kiwiklash.deviantart.com/art/Celebration-349733789

Finished: http://kiwiklash.deviantart.com/art/Sunset-348112034

That's all for now... I may post a vid of how I made "Sunset".
P.S. Any ideas for a new poll?



So I'm back, sorta... in a way, and while I was gone, here is what went down:

1. Made myself a tumblr (which I'm pretty much addicted too, and on there for 3+ hours a day... I'm even on tumblr right now as I'm typing. o.o)
so if you'd like, follow me or not: http://kiwisluvart.tumblr.com/
2. I got a bunch of doodles, which will be posted up by either Monday, or latest Tuesday
3. I keep procrastinating on my artwork for deviantART... I'm supposed to start making my "Thank you for the 3,000 page views", picture ,but yea... I'm lazy...
and that's all pretty much



New pic!

[My dA Page]

A pic I made which was taken by my ipod touch's terrible camera...
and after redrawing it on paint tool sai, coloring it and some final touch ups it became this:

Which I'm super happy about! I also posted the background I made for this picture individualy here.
so that all for now...


P.S. I might make a tumblr soon... (._. ) meep...


asdfghjkl;' Pokemon!

Even though this it completely unrelated to my art in a sense, it has been popping up all over deviantART lately which is...
 *drum roll*

Pokemon generation 6!!! which called Pokemon x and y

The graphics of the game look pretty spiffy.... the 3 starters are Chespin (my favorite out of the three), Froakie, and Fennekin.

Here is the promo video for it:

Coming out October this year!!!


Q: Who are your favorites out of all the starters?


My attempt of dA muro

[My dA Page]

Pretty much what the title says (^ , ^  )

 I might actually use it more frequently  It takes a while to figure out how to use it, but after a while you can notice the cool tools there are! Hopefully this picture will turn out good...



Drawing in Paint Tool Sai...

[deviantART Page]

Just some random things to show...

Then after a few changes, I made this into my blog's header:

I wanted to post some sketches I made, but my camera adapter is no where to be found (;- ;)
So I'll probably have to wait a while to post and type of traditional art here...

For now see you later!

P.S. Check out the poll in the right column!



[deviantART Page]

This blog will probably be used for re-posts of art on my deviantART page and scraps! 
Hopefully this won't be a bore!

Bye for now!
[Most recent artwork]


P.S. I won't be using that blog anymore ---------->  [Not using anymore]
I forgot how to log into to it (T^T)... So this is my new blog! 


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