So I'm back, sorta... in a way, and while I was gone, here is what went down:

1. Made myself a tumblr (which I'm pretty much addicted too, and on there for 3+ hours a day... I'm even on tumblr right now as I'm typing. o.o)
so if you'd like, follow me or not: http://kiwisluvart.tumblr.com/
2. I got a bunch of doodles, which will be posted up by either Monday, or latest Tuesday
3. I keep procrastinating on my artwork for deviantART... I'm supposed to start making my "Thank you for the 3,000 page views", picture ,but yea... I'm lazy...
and that's all pretty much



New pic!

[My dA Page]

A pic I made which was taken by my ipod touch's terrible camera...
and after redrawing it on paint tool sai, coloring it and some final touch ups it became this:

Which I'm super happy about! I also posted the background I made for this picture individualy here.
so that all for now...


P.S. I might make a tumblr soon... (._. ) meep...


asdfghjkl;' Pokemon!

Even though this it completely unrelated to my art in a sense, it has been popping up all over deviantART lately which is...
 *drum roll*

Pokemon generation 6!!! which called Pokemon x and y

The graphics of the game look pretty spiffy.... the 3 starters are Chespin (my favorite out of the three), Froakie, and Fennekin.

Here is the promo video for it:

Coming out October this year!!!


Q: Who are your favorites out of all the starters?


My attempt of dA muro

[My dA Page]

Pretty much what the title says (^ , ^  )

 I might actually use it more frequently  It takes a while to figure out how to use it, but after a while you can notice the cool tools there are! Hopefully this picture will turn out good...



Drawing in Paint Tool Sai...

[deviantART Page]

Just some random things to show...

Then after a few changes, I made this into my blog's header:

I wanted to post some sketches I made, but my camera adapter is no where to be found (;- ;)
So I'll probably have to wait a while to post and type of traditional art here...

For now see you later!

P.S. Check out the poll in the right column!



[deviantART Page]

This blog will probably be used for re-posts of art on my deviantART page and scraps! 
Hopefully this won't be a bore!

Bye for now!
[Most recent artwork]


P.S. I won't be using that blog anymore ---------->  [Not using anymore]
I forgot how to log into to it (T^T)... So this is my new blog! 


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