VN: Checkpoint #3

¡Hola, mis amigos!

So lately I've slacking, because I was on tumblr 24/7 this whole past week, and eating non stop (;^ ;  )
If my camera wasn't broken, I would have been posting character draft pics and stuff, but noooooo it just had to drop on the ground, didn't it? Also if you notice in the Themes, I put Magical there... don't judge me. I can tell you all though, that chapter one is complete, but will need a lot of brush ups. Probably expect it to be about three chapters long. They'll probably give a good base line of what the full game is going to be like.

Word Count: 863

Type of Game: Visual Novel
Themes: Slice of Life, Romance, Mystery, Magical?
Characters: 6+

Demo Progress
Story-line: 30%
Characters: 10%
Background: 0%
Codes: 15%

(I can at least give you the ideas for names I already have..)
- Linette (Playable character)
- Aleck (obtainable)
- Marcellus (obt.)
- Perice (obt.)
- Fredrick (obt.)
- Mystery character (obt.)

P.S. I can't give a release date, but when I do it'll be posted on here first...

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