VN: Checkpoint #4

Hi everyone!! Here's a quick update at where I'm at in the visual novel process:

       I have good news and semi-bad news. The good news is that I'm finished with chapter one (writing part) of the game and I have already started on chapter 2. The bad news is the demo won't be released in this next week because the graphics have still not been put together [:<]

       However, so far i'm getting as much as I can get done. The demo's goal is to reach at least chapter 3, so if you look at it like that I'm about halfway there~

Word Count: 964

Type of Game: Visual Novel
Themes: Slice of Life, Romance, Mystery, School Life, Otome
Characters: 10+

Demo Progress
Story-line: 56%
Characters: 10%
Background: 0%
Graphics: 2%
Codes: 25%

(I can at least give you the ideas for names I already have..)
- Linette Corelli (Playable character)
- Aleck (obtainable)
- Marcellus (obt.)
- Perice (obt.)
- Fredrick Valotin (obt.)
Mystery character (obt.)
- Mom
- Dad
- Kid (random)
- Aleck's mom


  1. wow!! Cool seems really interesting!! Hopefully you can make it soon! I wanna play hahaha!

  2. Do let me know when the game is up for playing! I would love to try it out!!! I can be reached via my blog! Can't wait for the game to be finished!!! Good luck!



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