VN: Checkpoint #4.5

Hello everyone! Its been a while since I last made a post.
But, I will say that it wasn't all to waste! I drew some things, which I hope to have time to post up eventually. For now, here is a checkpoint for my visual novel, Symphonic Pursuit. (Not to much of a difference from last time.)


❁ New Theme + Bloglovin'

Hello Everyone! How are you all? 

I'm guessing by now you must have noticed the change in my blog's theme, depending on what type of device you are using. What do you think? Do you like it, or hate it? I like it, it feels a bit more fancier that what I had before.

Also, if you haven't noticed already, my blog is on bloglovin, so if its not too much to ask for, I hope you all don't mind following me via there, if you don't already (^u^ ). And if you have one too, please leave a comment below so I can follow you back!!! (Or a blog in general!)


P.S. Hope you all have a wonderful day/night, and if you're American, I hope you have a lovely Labor Day weekend!


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