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Hello friends,
     How are you all? Surprisingly, this week hasn't been a busy one for me, which is a pretty good thing. Things are finally starting to wind down, relieving a bit stress. I have so much to update! My visual novel's progress has been speeding up, so hopefully I can get that together by the end of the year to release the demo. Two crafts are coming up just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday that I think you'll like!

Off topic here:
I was watching this youtube video today and they talked about taking a personality test for a brief moment, so I decided to try one out. The first time I took it I got the personality code INTP (web), and the second time I took it I got INFP (web). Both are quite similar, but I've decided to stick with the second test. I would say its description suits me well. If you already know your's or if you'd like take one of the tests from the links given and share in the comments what your personality code is!

Stay warm if you are having those seasonal changes,

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