VN: Checkpoint #5

Hello Friends!
Much has been done since the last update!

But, here is a quick question:
Do you like it when you're able to choose the character's name for yourself?

Word Count: 1,418

Type of Game: Visual Novel
Themes: Slice of Life, Romance, Mystery, School Life, Otome
Characters: 10+

Demo Progress
Story-line: 58%
Characters: 12%
Background: 0%
Graphics: 8%
Codes: 27%



- Linette (Playable character)

- Aleck (obtainable)
- Marcellus (obt.)
- Perice (obt.)
- Fredrick (obt.)
Mystery character (obt.)

- Mom
- Dad
- Aleck's mom

Slip ups:
I meant to put streak in the sky, but I ended up putting steak! xD

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