A word to the saddened...

A word to the saddened:
"Do not quiver or shake

Be strong
For you have made it thus far
Be proud
Those who don't see your genius are blind
Be happy
Because you will always be a light in someone's eyes"
Gemi / gemsbabble.blogspot.com

Its okay to be sad, upset, or feel lonely. But, what you must not do is sit still and stir in those emotions. Be strong: There will always be hurdles to overcome. What these hurdles may be all depend on your situation. Do not let them stand in your way. For you have been blessed with legs to leap over your hurdles. Patience and perseverance will get you there.
Be proud: Be proud of all your accomplishments so far. They may not seem like much at first glance, but look again! Others may laugh, but they do not know. For the jewel you have discovered may seem like a rusted bolt to them. But even a rusted bolt has a purpose.
Be happy: Why shouldn't you? For happiness is gift. 


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