december babble: on forward

Hello friends,

I've decided to start a little series called monthly babble to really get into the swing of things along with 2014 Blogger Challenge (which I'm  really excited for)! In these monthly babbles I hope to maybe give you something to laugh or think about. Most of its contents may be about different topics. This month's babble is the december babble which the theme is "on forward". Since we are getting to move into the new year, it seems to fit well. Well enough chatter, and on to the post!

Overall, 2013 wasn't a bad year at all. I made some pretty awesome friends (in real life), and I'm finally starting to find discover who I am. I first started this blog in January of this year and its amazing to see how I've progressed since. Much is to be owed to my wonderful followers! (I leave it at here for now, and will address everyone later in my anniversary post!)

Reflecting on December... it was a very busy month for me. Between concerts and gift giving I was constantly on my toes! My favorite memory from this month has to be when I spent my evening at a social event with some friends. I had a really great time playing games, eating food and catching up with old friends!

Youtube has been a big influence not only in this month, but this whole year! It has been a great source of inspiration and somewhere to go whether I'm in a good or bad mood. I'm not really a youtuber myself, but I hope someday down the road. Here are a couple of these inspirations:

(Left to right: TheForeverGlamorous, Zoella, HelloKatyxo, IamJustaMakeupLover, NikkiPhillipi)

1. HelloKatyxo: I just adore her! She is my top 2013 favorite youtuber. I am constantly tuning in to see when she posts her next video. If nothing new is up, I don't mind re-watching some of her older clips.
2. Zoella: Love going on her youtube channel to see whats new! Her group of friends are fun bunch as well! She also has a blog too.
3. IamJustaMakeupLover: She might not be as known about as the others, but that doesn't stop her from making just as fun videos! She's really down to earth and a pleasure to watch.
4. TheForeverGlamourous: Most of the videos I watch from her channel are older ones with her friends. Though her recent ones are good too!
5. NikkiPhillipi: Her advice videos are great when you need to take a breather. Her bright personality really lightens the atmosphere!

This year was definitely the year of social media for sure— which made it really difficult along-so. It has brought me up and led to some of my breakdowns. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to unplug yourself from the Internet for a couple of days. It may seem scary at first, but give it a try! Instead of texting and surfing the web all day, pick up an old book you never got around to reading. Going web-free for the day has it's perks!

School wise, I've had my ups and downs. I've learned a couple of things from first semester of junior year that may help someone out:
1. Make a schedule: You will love yourself in the future! It may not seem like much or a waste of time, but boy does it sure pay off! It doesn't have to be a strict one either— if you're like me and very forgetful at times. Make sure there are plenty of breaks in between.
2. Put down the remote: This is an optional task for those who are really bewildered. Cutting back on a few TV series never hurt anyone, so it won't hurt you either! Try sticking to about two until you are able to balance everything out again!
3. Studying shouldn't be a chore: In fact, it should be your duty to make it as fun as possible. Another tip that goes along with this is to make sure you're not studying the same way for everything. Sure flashcards are alright, but it can get pretty repetitive after a while. You wouldn't want to get to science class for a test and start remembering the main causes for WW2! (Especially since you may be unluckily blessed with 3 or more tests in one day!) All I'm saying is vary up your study style.

I think this pretty much wraps up my monthly babble... What do you think? Is there anything you'd like me to expand on in another post? Comments are appreciated!

Till next post,

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