vn: checkpoint #5.8

Hello Friends!

It has been a while since I made my last update for my visual novel. After taking a month break off of working on it, I decided it was time to get back into it again. This time with more precision and direction! Hopefully by next post I'll have actual screenshots of how everything looks so far (a little preview)!


a lazy saturday + much needed spa day

Hello friends,

Sorry I haven't blogging in a scheduled fashion! These past couple of weeks have been chock full of tests, quizzes and midterms left and right. It was only till yesterday that I was finally able to sit down take a breather and write up a post for the 2014 Blogger Challenge. Hopefully things will start to fall into place and clear up my schedule.


2014 blogger challenge: skincare

Hello friends,

Its time for another edition from the 2014 Blogger Challenge! The topic... skincare!


liebster award!

Hello friends,

I've been lucky enough to receive another Liebster award, this time from Eneshai from The Beautiful Cloud! Thank you so much for the nomination Eneshai!

This time the rules are a bit different. In addition to creating questions and nominating 11 people, you have to write 11 facts about yourself too!


anniversary post + new camera

Hello friends,

I'm proud to say, January 3rd was my official 1st year blogging anniversary! And I have come a long way since then! I would have never thought I'd still be blogging today.

Blogging wasn't an entirely new thing to me at all. In fact I had a blog previous to this one named Dollikiwi or something along the lines of that. I mainly focused on makeup and beauty. Eventually, things didn't seem to click, so I ended up closing it down. It wasn't until the following year, I gave blogging another shot as my New Year's resolution!

When I first started this blog, my main focus was about my artwork on deviantart and was to be a scrap zone. As you can see, I've spiraled away from my main focus only being art, and more centered on a more lifestyle-like theme. Though, there are still a lot of artsy things worked into my blog. 

My first post went up January 2nd, but my first real post made it's debut on the third. [here]
Looking back at some of my posts makes me chuckle a bit. I was a lot more awkward than I am now at typing.

Some Achievements/ Highlights in this past year
Starting a blog 1/3/12
My first follower
First Libester Award
Reaching 10+ followers
Reaching 20+ followers 1/4/13
Reaching 40+ followers via Bloglovin

The real achievement is you! The people occasionally popping in to read what I have to randomly babble about, and for that I say: THANK YOU!


In other exciting news, I recently purchased a new camera! This will really give me the chance for photo-posting more frequently, so don't be surprised if a lot of my future posts include pics!

Till next time,

P.s. The kiriban event has now ended and if anyone won be sure to e-mail me asap!


2014 blogger challenge: new years inspiration

Hello friends,

The first post of the 2014 Blogger Challenge is now here! The topic is, as you can guess from the title... New Years inspiration-- but with a twist! You have to use pictures and/or quotes. So lets begin:

The first one up is an image I made myself. It isn't made to look much like me at all, but an artistic representation. Around the character in the middle, I placed an assortment of things I'd like to change this year (my resolutions). 

The smiley (middle left): Overall, be in a happier mood and mind set. Be optimistic! 
The stick figures (middle right): Be more social. Be the one to introduce yourself first!
B (bottom center): Blog more! Near the end of last year I really started getting into the swing of things, so I want to keep it up!
The paintbrush: I need to get more in touch with my artsy side; My deviantART page has been pretty un-lively lately. 
 The list: (under the paintbrush) Staying organized needs to be a key thing this year!
The cross (between the 1 and 4): Taking time away from the rest of the world to focus on faith is something of importance to me.
The bubble: Not being afraid to voice my opinion even if it may be different from others.

And some quotes...

"Life is like a basket; If you carry too much it breaks" -Me! (Gem)

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? -Matthew16:26

See you all later,

Also quick reminder that we are even closer to the kiriban!!! Click on the link below v


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