2014 blogger challenge: skincare

Hello friends,

Its time for another edition from the 2014 Blogger Challenge! The topic... skincare!

When it come to skincare, I'm definetly not the one to talk to. I'm quite the slacker. But, when I finally get settled and take care of my face, these are the products I use:

Liquid Neutrogena
The first one on the left, and my most used product out of the lot. Its the Liquid Neutrogena facial cleansing formula. Neutrogena products have always been a fave of mine. They always seem to work best with my skin.
Which is: Crazy oily in the summer | Combination skin in the winter

All you need is to wet your face, press a little less than a coin size amount in your hands, rub and rinse!

Clear Pore
The second product from the left. I would say it does an okay job. Summertime is when I have to constantly have to use it throughout the day, but rarely in winter. If I had to choose between this product and plain hazel witch, I would pick the hazel witch.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub
Pretty good product. I would recommend  using this product only once a week because of the way it interacts with the skin. (Harshly!) If overused the scrub would probably do more harm than good!

CVS Oil-Free Moisturizer 
Honestly, I'll say this probably not the best of picks out there… During the winter time especially. So if anyone has any suggestions for good moisturizers please, suggest!

That about sums up this post (sorry it was late!)



  1. Everyone is in love with the apricot scrub, I'm very curious. A pity I don't live in the States but I'll get it someday.

    1. It's a really nice product, so I you're able to get it you should! :D


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