a lazy saturday + much needed spa day

Hello friends,

Sorry I haven't blogging in a scheduled fashion! These past couple of weeks have been chock full of tests, quizzes and midterms left and right. It was only till yesterday that I was finally able to sit down take a breather and write up a post for the 2014 Blogger Challenge. Hopefully things will start to fall into place and clear up my schedule.

Now onto today's blabber... Although the title says "a lazy saturday" this is one probably far from it! More like a relaxing Saturday. Saturdays are the only days I get the chance to sleep in, so today I was able to in bed till 9:00. I was having too much fun watching some of my favorite youtubers.

Afterward, I got up and started my day! Lately my skin hasn't been In the best shape due to A. not getting enough sleep and B. not taking proper care of it, so I decided it was necessary to give myself a pamper-filled morning. I started off by streaming my face under a towel, hovering above hot water for a good couple of minutes. (Boy, was it hot!) During the process, I added moisturizers and oils to my face to add some life to my drier areas. Afterward, I washed it all off and moved onto the next step-- cleansing

Today I was feeling a bit craftsy, so I decided to make my own scrub by combining a deep cleansing scrub and lipton tea leaves (hence the picture of the cup tea at the top). I was surprised at the outcome which was pretty good. My skin felt really soft for once! Sorry, no pics.

This pretty much sums up the start of my day. Leave a comment below telling me how you started off your day! Toodles!



  1. Wow. I wish my Saturdays were like this! I have 4 projects due next week so I don't have that luxury right now. Lol.

    1. Oh my! Well I hope you're able to finish them all, and get that well needed relaxation time! ;)

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  3. This winter weather is not helping my skin at all! It's so dry around here. I hope your scrub worked. I have just been use bottle and bottle of lotion.

    1. Thanks, and the weather sure hasn't been the nicest it could be! :<


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