diy: cute valentines decor

Hello friends,

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I thought I'd make use of this day crafting-wise! It's a simple diy craft that you could make for decorations or a last minute gift. All tools used should be normal household materials minus a few things. Enough chatter, let's get started!

Here is a quick of materials needed: 4 sheets of square paper, pink/black/red markers, glue, scissors
Optional: black paint, paint brushes, cardboard

To speed up the process a bit, here are instructions for the origami part of the diy:

(Steps that I did change were in pictures three and four. Instead of folding in all the way to the center, I folded inwards halfway.)

Once you're done, your box should look similar to this! Here is where the black paint comes in (or if you don't have paint, feel free to use markers or something else as substitute):
We are going to go over the slim sides of box in black- don't worry about it being neat!

Once its dry, get ready to creative. Pull out a periodic table (or google one up) and copy what it says in Copper (Cu) and Tellurium (Te) boxes on a square sheet about the size of your box. Now add any decorations you deem fit. Paste, with glue, the square sheet onto your box! If needed, use cardboard as a backing for support optionally!

Finished Product! Hope you enjoyed and Happy Valentines Days~!


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