january babble: my my january, bye bye

Hello friends,

I just can't believe how fast this past month has gone by. It feels as though I blinked and January was over! Soon everywhere I look will be decorated with pink and red heart cut outs and frills! ;)

January 2014 started off on a good foot, which I'm glad about! I had the most snow days I've ever had in my life all in one month~ five to be exact! Right now I'm hoping the weather won't be too brutal and start to clear up. I can't wait for Springtime, being able to go to the park and such. I actually want to plan something like a mini-picnic, one for my family and one for my friends this year. I never seem to just hang out with either of them too much :( Enough about later, more about now!

While this month had its achievements, it also had some of my lower points in life. Lets start off with the happier news first! 

This month, wasn't crazy busy like last month so that's a plus! The ensemble I was in got a score of one at a contest! (On a scale of one to five, one being the best.) I actually got to hang out with people I normally don't, though it was school related!
Bad sides of this month: First family feud/fight and I haven't been getting much sleep lately, leaving me with some dark undereye circles...

This past month was a pretty musical month indeed! Here are my top picks for this past month:
C'mon by Panic! At The Disco & Fun (gotta give props to Nyanette for even finding this song!)
The Cruel One by Gold Motel
Heart Skips a Beat by Olly Murs
Believe by Moneen
Hajimari no kaze by Ayaka Hirahara
World by Five for Fighting

I think that about sums up this January's babble! Leave a comment below with your top music picks of January! Also, has anyone heard of that new game called Flappy Bird?! (;`~;` )



  1. January went by so quickly! I hope that February goes well for you :)

    1. It sure did! I hope Feburary is nice for you too! ^^


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