2014 blogger challenge: nails I

Hello friends,

Its time for the long awaited 2014 Blogger Challenge's new topic: nails. Since I'm not that skilled when it comes to nail art in general, I thought I might take the chance to show my favorite nail products instead! 

To start off: I have really brittle nails due to heredity and when I was younger: I used to bite on them all the time! Once I got braces it stopped, giving my nails a chance to strengthen. They're still difficult at sometimes, but better than they used to be!

Now to the post: The first product on the left is a miracle worker! Revlon's Treat and Boost nail treatment worked wonderfully for me— and truly treated and boosted my nails! I believe I bought last year for a pretty good price; I know it was under the $8 range for sure!

Next product on the right is Ruby Kisses' top coat that I find myself using as a base more often~ It's also a pretty nice product when tagged along with Treat and Boost. Prices were about the same for the two.

Thanks for reading~ Did we have any favorite nail products matchup? Or any you'd like to share? Leave a comment below!


(P.S. I ended up having to skip the past topic, but will be making it up by having two parts to this post~ sorry!)

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