februrary babble: weather whirlwind

Hello friends,

Another month has come to a close, and a new one has begun.

February was a pretty good month! Lots of good surprises were in store for me— I don't think I felt like crying once~
The start of the month everyone was buzzing about the Winter Olympics, and I was too to an extent. I was rooting for the US couples skating, which we placed gold in!!! I was so ecstatic! I've always had a love for ice skating and always will (I hope). I sorta regret quitting at a young age only because practice times were super early in the morning. Other than that, the ice rink is less than a 5 minute drive away! It would be nice to get back on the ice one day...

The biggest highlight for everyone this month was Valentine's Day without a doubt~ Though, I felt it wasn't overdone as it has been in the past. I remember Valentine's Day was a huge thing when I was in elementary school. Everyone used decorate cardboard boxes for their classmates to put cards and candy inside— I wish it were still like this! This  time everything felt more casual, but sincere. You weren't just giving out a card because you're supposed to, you did it because you care about the person whom is receiving it~.

Can we talk about the weather this month?! Crazy!! One day it's in the 59s the next it drops to 10 degrees (Fahrenheit). I don't if I can take this weather much longer :<
I miss seeing the sunshine!

Achievements I did this month:
Finally watched Clash of the Titans
Got Pokemon Emerald on my ipod 
 Joined Pinterest
Top ten!

Disappointments of this month:
Peggy moving away in my ACNL town

Now, lets March forward!


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