ten things that make me happy

Hello friends,

I was inspired, you could say, to do this this tag after watching HelloKaty's video on youtube. So here is my list!

1 | Drinking tea
I'm all team tea the win! You'll find no coffee in me! I just love having nice warm cup of tea—notice I didn't say hot—and thats it. Its a time to sit down relax and think about the events for the day.

2 | Watching Youtube videos
Normally when someone asks me what my hobbies are I'll say drawing or working with computers, but in reality its watching videos, all day everyday! At the end of the day or week, when I need time to wind down, I'm at my computer for hours watching a youtuber vlog, do a tutorial, etcetera. I mean... is that strange?

3 | Doodling 
If you've been reading my blog for a while, this one is pretty much self explanatory. I love to draw. I love the feeling of using just a pen and a paper to interpret what words can't always say.

4 | Deep conversations
One thing you might not know about me is: I like having deep conversations—which is something I don't have time for quite often. It important to not let all of our feelings bottle up inside. The problem I have is knowing who to trust. Sometimes it takes several people to confide in different aspects of our lives and thats okay! I still hope, that someday I will find that person who I can tell everything and anything and not be ashamed.

5 | 60 Degree weather
I'd like to hear from someone who doesn't like 60 degree weather! It can't get much better than that! The wind, if there is any at all, gives a nice cool breeze; while the sun is just a warm tone beaming through the clouds. (By the way, I'm talking about 60 degrees fahrenheit!)

6 | Reading a good book
Lately, most of the books I've been reading have all been for school. Don't get me wrong—some of them are fantastic books! I just think I need to have some independent sessions by myself or with friends. My genre of books has generally shifted a bit from detective mysteries to hints of horror/thriller types. More with the psychological themes not ghosts.

7 | Alone time
Everyone say this with me, "Alone time is good time," because IT REALLY IS. I can understand if you're the biggest socialite on Earth and you love being surrounded by people, but its good to have some time to yourself everyone once in a while. Get a chance to clear your thoughts a bit, plan ahead and make sure you're not pushing yourself off the edge.

8 | Dreaming
While typing this, I'm laughing to myself because I like dreaming, but not taking naps. I love dreaming up vivid stories that when I wake up, I can write about. I might make a dream diary or something of the sort later on. It does make me sad sometimes when I wake up from a really good dream I can't remember though... 

9 | Blogging
I do—although the days when I'm really tired and not in my best mood I won't admit it. Its nice to get things off your chest and just type it out, even if theres no one there to read it...

10 | Using my gifts to help others
Last but not least—helping others. Not only helping others, but using our talents. Everyone has something they're better than at than the next person, so don't be afraid. And also if you're still not sure what that gift might be, ask around. Sometimes it takes another's eyes to see the best out of you!

This sums up my ten things that make me happy post! Make sure you spread the word and do the tag too— leave a link in the comment section below so I can get a chance to read your list too!


  1. What wonderful happy things. I'd have to say that I enjoy all of these things too!

    1. Thanks! and yay! I share some things in common with you then! (^ ^)

  2. Aww this is such a cute post, I love all of those and alone time is so important! :D alone time whilst drinking tea and watching youtube videos bonus :D


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