Hello readers,

     I've decided to have another go with a kiriban! I thought it would be a good way to ease my way back into the comfort of blogging, plus it's been a while since the last time I did one (about a year ago). To refresh your memory or for those who don't know what a kiriban is, below is a quick explanation on a few questions you might be asking:

What is a Kiriban?
A fun mini-event which involves  reaching X amount of pageviews to win a prize of some sort.
In the case of my kiriban, the number of page views that must be screenshot ranges from 2000-2014 so there is a better chance of winning!

How do I join?
You already are a part of it just by visiting my blog. Whether you choose to participate is up to yourself. In the sidebar, there should be a counter tracking the amount of pageviews I have.

How will you know who won?
Take a screenshot of the winning number and notify me via any of my social medias in the sidebar.

What is the prize?
Unfortunately, I'm limited on the types of prizes I can give out. The only thing I can do as of now is make artwork. My art styles are anime, semi-realism and, realism*.


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