Hey readers (If i have any of those anymore),

     I'm back! Well... sorta! This is just a short post on a couple of moisturizers I've been loving! Neutrogena's Norwegian formula hand cream, Shea Butter Market's Shea Lips in mint, and Ruby Kisses' Hydrating Lip Oil are what is shown in the picture above.

Neutrogena's Norwegian formula hand cream
Surprise~I actually don't use this product as a hand cream at all, but instead a base for my lips when using the next product I'm about to show. It has a heavy gel-like texture, so I felt uncomfortable using for my hands. Other than that issue, this is a really good product overall and the tagline "just a dab heals dry skin" seems to be true to me!

Now moving on, this product is actually made for lips and it does a remarkable job with moisturizing. I will say though, I feel like the extra help from using Neutrogena's hand cream as a base really helps put this product to its full potential. Also as a plus--the hand cream has an off-bitter taste on your lips and mouth, and luckily their lip butter has a nice mint aroma to cancel it out! A pretty nice duo to use!

Ruby Kisses' Hydrating Lip Oil
Last to go, but not the least, is a hydrating lip oil from Ruby Kisses. It adds a glossy finish over your newly soft and moisturized lips. I would advise to only use a dap over the center of your bottom lips to not overdo it.

Thanks for reading!

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