Three months. It has been about three months since I wrote my last Monthly Babble. To you it may not seem like much, but to me it sorta does. In fact, everything feels sorta ready, or sorta done all the time. Its my senior year, and all I want to do is wake up, eat some food, watch some videos and anime, read a book on a good day, and go right back to sleep. Unfortunately, I have to get up, drag myself to brush my teeth, take a shower, fix my hair, eat breakfast (if I have enough time), before rushing out the door to make to school early. When reading this back to myself, I sound like a really lazy person. And I sorta do...
     This is where I want to put my foot down. Instead of sorta living I want to thrive. I want to regain all the passion I received from doing the things I love to do. I miss it all. I keep telling myself, "There isn't enough time in the day," but the fact is there are 24 hours in a whole day to do anything. I'm blessed to not have something limiting me or slowing me down except myself. I still have one more quarter in school to make the most a different in my grades and my class rank, but I don't want to feel like I'm killing myself while working hard.
I want to live.

"One's real life is so often the life that one does not lead." - Oscar Wilde


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  2. At least you are almost done! Your senior year will fly by!! :)


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