I was contemplating whether or not to join in on the Blogmas fun, and I finally decided: Yup, count me in! Cut me some slack though, since it will be my first time doing Blogmas, and I'm new to the whole thing ^^; ...

The first gift of the season I received was this pocket watch from my mom. I've been meaning to get a pocket watch for the longest time—I have a 'thing' for clocks! It was only $12.99 because of the special offer the store is having. I also switched out the chain part of the watch with some hemp cord to make it into a wearable necklace. Honestly, if you know anyone who is older and you are not sure what to get them, gift a pocket watch. It's a real classy gift if you ask me!

Lately, I've gotten back into the swing of things and have started back up on my visual novel projects. My hope is to have my first game out by new years, or sometime around then. All I can say is stay tuned and look forward to some sneak peeks soon...

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