6 Uses for Bobby Pins

There are more uses than you may think for these tiny pins. Here is a list of 6 ways you could be using your bobby pins differently!

1. Your Hair
I mean this is what it is commonly used for isn't it? Even though you may think you have enough, there is never enough. They all disappear to a magical place and pop up every now and again!

2. Pinning a Scarf in Place
I didn't realize how helpful bobby pins were in situations like these until I found myself in one! If you are having trouble keeping your scarf in place or making in stay in a particular shape, pin one of them bad boys in! I will add, this works a lot better with a wool or knit scarf, compared to a silk or fashion scarf.

3. As a Paper Clip
This is pretty self explanatory. Large stack of papers. No paper clip in sight. A bobby pin will do the job nicely.

4. A Simple Bookmark
The worse thing about reading a lovely book is when you want to put it down to go and finish something else. Instead of folding the corners of a page (which isn't good for the book) plug a bobby pin around the page you stopped. Now, you will be ready to jump back to the cliffhanger moment you reached earlier!

5. Earbud Detangler
This is probably one of the most conventional uses on the list because I don't know about you, but tangled earbuds get to me. When using a bobby pin, wrap the wire under and around the two legs.

6. Earring Hanger
I never thought there would be a day when I'd find a way to use bobby pins like this! This is more so for people who use clip-on earrings and earring with screws, like me. This may work for some normal earring depending on how the back is built.


Cactus Fever

Presenting the newest and first additions to my cactus collection! I was so excited when I saw these at my local Walgreen's surprisingly. Once I saw one, I just had to get the other too. Naming wise, I'm not sure... I'm trying to base their names off of Studio Ghibli characters, so I was thinking of naming the smaller one Sophie and the one with red flower Calcifer (from Howl's Moving Castle—my favorite movie), but I'm keeping my options open. Since these two will be joining me in my college adventures, they will need to be identified somehow! Any ideas?


Life Update & New Camera


So, this has been a long awaited post for myself, because of my newest camera upgrade! A little while ago, my old Nikon Coolpix S5200 broke, yet again after I bought it for the second time. And I was pretty ticked off, because I did absolutely nothing to break it. In fact, it lasted till the day I came back from my NYC trip and loaded my pictures off of my camera. Later I did some research to find out it is quite typical of that specific model in their line to break for no reason with the words 'Lens Error' on the display, even though I was positive nothing had touched the lens in those few hours. So, we returned it to the company and received a full refund (which was awfully nice, and professional of Nikon).

Moving along toward the story of how I got my new camera, the Olympus SZ-17 which, may I note: is gorgeous! I really didn't want to take anymore chances with another Coolpix, or anything from Nikon for that matter, so I did some camera shopping to find something affordable, durable, and had all the functions I needed. By now, I thought my Nikon would have lasted me for a while longer, giving me time to save up for a SLR camera, but things just didn't end up working out that way-- but that's okay. The great thing about this camera is that it fit all the criteria I wanted and it met me middle way on the type (bridge cameras). Let's hope this one lasts me for a couple of years!

Life, other than school (which I'll be a making a post about soon) has been alright. I recently started back on learning Japanese again, hence the hiragana characters in the beginning. I'm hoping I won't fall off the bandwagon too soon, since I started the correct way this time by learning the characters before learning words. Otherwise, life has been mellow right now...


A Celebration for Mother's Day

Before I start, I would first like to say Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world, soon to be mothers, and past mothers! It's your special day that I hope you are able to use in the way you want.

Viewing the day from a kid perspective (soon to be an adult), I feel as though over the years the way Mother's Day is perceived changes. In elementary school our classes took a whole week in preparation for this special day. Middle school was more of the 'screw everyone' type of business, and by the time you get to high school you just say the words and that's it. I understand that as we grow up, the things we are expected to do/ the way we are expected to act changes, but I still miss the old sentiment from my childhood on this day. I miss making the hand-cutout cards and finger painted flowers. But, I guess that's what happens when you grow older.

This year, do something different (and I don't mean Pinterest-different)! Instead of taking your mom out somewhere to eat, set up the kitchen like a cute diner with a tablecloth and centerpiece. Go for a morning walk and do some yoga stretches with her. All I'm saying is go outside the box and use your talents to the best of your ability. If you're musically inclined, sing or play your mother a song. It's the thought that counts. She will take value in the moments that you and her can only experience once in a lifetime.



High School Countdown

WE made it guys. We're in the home stretch. And honestly, I can't wait for it to be over.

To all those who are about to finish their first year of high school, congratulations! Looking back, that must have been the best year out of them all. At first, I was scared of the thought of being in classes without anyone I knew, while looking forward to leaving behind all the drama and bullying of middle school. For next year, make sure to be more involved in school activities and outside service projects. (P.S. start taking those ACTs and SATs in the April of next year!)

Look at you, moving on up in the world, you are finally going to be called an upperclassman in a couple of months! I'd have to call this the most laid back year of high school. Most of our class time was dedicated to state standardized tests, so this year was a breeze for most people. I made sure to get involved in more activities, branch out, and try to make friends with students in other grades. This means you have to take on extra responsibilities and be a leader. And don't be so quick to judge the lower classmen next year--everyone was a freshman once.

I gotta hand it to you, this was probably the most critical year of high school filled with GPA rankings, 8-page papers, and more ACTs. But you made it through! Start focusing on a couple colleges you'd like to visit (a must), and apply early! By early, I mean apply before late October of senior year and make sure all your required documents make it to the university. I'd advise: Do Not rely on your high school to take care of everything. My school ended up not properly printing my info on the transcripts I sent to my schools, which costed me a two-month delay on acceptance letters. Other friends of mine ended up losing guaranteed scholarships. Be on your 'A' game!

Pretty much done, right? Think again. Stay on top of those grades till the very end, because colleges still care about your effort until the very last quarter and some request a final transcript. In these last coming weeks, cherish the good, be grateful of all the bad things you won't have to encounter anymore, and look forward to the new. Take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back. The most stress filled year, was also one of the most life changing year. With all the decisions to be made, decide on what it best for yourself based on your values.


My Visit to the Big Apple, NYC

This past weekend, I went on a well-anticipated trip to the New York City, which was quite the experience! I expected to see busy streets rushing with people from not only New York, but all over the world which is exactly what I found. On our trip we visited the 9/11 sites, Chinatown, various museums, Rockefeller plaza, the Empire State building, and other locations. It's a city that has pretty hidden gems among the great landmarks already featured. 

Funny story, I got lost in Times Square. We had free time to roam around the area, but there was only one rule: always walk with a partner! Of course, that was the rule I broke on accident all because I was checking out the new Pokemon games that were released recently
It was pretty scary walking down the street because the thing about New York is people will get up in your face and ask for you to buy things from them or grab pamphlets for busing and such. I'm pretty glad our tour guide person mentioned this to us ahead of time. Long story short, I popped into the M&M story, and found someone I knew so it all ended well! I even lived to tell the tale...


Life is Unpredictable

Looking back at times from 4 years ago gives me a strange feeling. I mean, so much has changed--which I did expect. The things that kept me motivated, relationships between friends, the style of clothes I like are all different. Some for the better, others for worse. The only thing left are the next steps. Second semester, Prom, Graduation, College, Life, etcetera. It's crazy to see so many big events all lined up, knocking at my window. But my only fear is: Will it all matter?

This is what life must be all about, right? Moving from one place to the next, hoping we will land on our feet or at least fail trying. Drawing out our perfect plans for life. Sorry to be the debbie downer, but it's not.

I think one of the great gifts in life, is that it's unpredictable. Anything goes, whether right or wrong. Even though people ask me if I know where I'm going to college, I'm not sure. I don't know if I'll end up being a doctor or switching my major to something I like better. I don't know whether I will find that one guy who was meant for me. That's life. All I can do is trust in the one who has been there in the beginning.

It's a long road, and an even tougher journey.



If you're strong, independent, and don't need no man, here are a few ways to have a fun time this Valentine's Day:

A decorated picture frame valentine's day inspired
A Little Hug drink and Hershey Kisses
Candy... pretty simple
A stuffed animal
DIY Hand Warmers

Travel to a big city
Have a sweets baking day
Netflix... duh
Watch youtube videos
Gather together your besties for a popcorn filled movie night
Make pancakes from scratch with a friend
Play trivia games
Send cheezy e-cards

Red skirt with a sweater and high boots
Cardigan and black leggings
Pajamas, anyone?

Feel free to share and fun valentine-related activities in the comment section!




Writing to the soul //
Gem B.

Writing is
fresh sheets,
blank space,

He pens
ink stains,
smudged hands.

He scribbles
soiled spreads,
unseen limits.

And pauses.



Since I've been in a 'face-care' moment, I thought I would share some of the things I use in my everyday makeup routine. I have the bare necessities when it comes to makeup: eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick. I'm not much of a foundation gal, but I am looking around for a BB cream. If you have any suggestions on brands that work well, leave it in the comments below!

The first thing in my routine would be to moisturize. Once that step is over, I move onto either my eyeliner (lazy day) or my eyeshadow. For my eyeliner, I use a generic store bought pencil. The one in the picture above is two in one: half black and half white. A regular cat eye suits me. Some day it draw it thicker, but still maintaining shape. I am a huge of Wet n' Wild products, so I use their Petal Pushers palette on the daily. Although in the picture above, it looks pretty busted from the palette slipping out of my hand every so often.

My daily lip products rotate from day to day. Sometimes I wear lipstick, other days I don't. It all depends how I am feeling. I either use my Kleancolor lipstick, or Wet n' Wild lipstick. The lip product in the center is a lip balm with a spicy cinnamon scent and taste. On occasion, I like using them as cheek colors.

Now my question for you is: What are your staple everyday products?



Lately, I have taken more notice to my skincare routine since winter has started to take it's full effect where I live. To combat the harsh breezes, I have been using these three product occasionally to deal with the weather.

CVS Oil-free Moisturizer//
I remember talking about this face moisturizer in another post during the summer time, which worked great on my skin. In the summer I have very oily skin, so I tend to avoid using any type of creams on my face for fear of my glasses slipping off. I only used this moisturizer in generous amounts. Wintertime is a different story. My skin is still oily, but only in my T-zone. The rest of my face has awkward dry patches in the lower region of my face. 

Aveeno Skin Relief//
For dry patches, I like to dab this product on these areas. It is a pretty light product that works really well. 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula//
Last but not least is Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. I don't like to use heavy products on my face, so I use this periodically. When I am applying the cocoa butter, I place it on the edges of my face which tend to be where my face is harshly dry.



Happy 2015 everyone! You know what time it is: New Resolutions. This year, I have decided to make my resolutions less vague and easier to follow. If you want to view my resolutions from 2014 click here.

365 Project//
I've been meaning to do a 365 on here for a while, but I wanted to wait for the new year so I could start from day one. Instead of calling the post 365 Project and making a post every single day, I want to add a little personal touch. Instead of my usual Monthly Babble, I could call them Weekly 365 to make it easier on myself.

Read at least 12 books//
This comes down to at least one book a month (not including books required for school). I'll admit, 2014 was not a book reading year for me at all. If you have any books suggestions, leave a comment below and I'll make sure to look them up. My favorite genres include mystery, thrillers, historical fiction, sometimes horror, all mixed in with a bit of romance.

Finish watching old animes//
I am the queen of unfinished books, TV shows, you name it! That's why, this year I need to put my foot down and finish my long list of unfinished animes. I'm that type of person who watches a show up until the very last episodes and drops them off. To name a few of the animes I need to finish: Peach Girl, Fushigi Yuugi, Magi the Labyrinth, Free!, SAO, Log Horizon, Hanasakeru Seishounen and add 100 other shows I probably forgot about.

Take better pictures//
Taking great pictures is an art I'd like to master and I know it isn't something that happens overnight. I'm hoping to save up money to buy a better camera (a DSLR hopefully), but that may not happen anytime soon. I'll have to make do with my Coolpix for now!

Perfect video editing skills//
I'm still fairly new to using iMovie, but this make it more of an adventure. I'm looking forward to learning the inside outs of the program and sharing some cool tips.

Love life more//
I realized that sometimes life isn't about the the big scale things. If you look closer, there are a hundred little things that make everything better. This year, I want to capture those little things on camera and share them all with you.



Time sure knows how to fly by fast. Two years ago, I decided to start my blog and it has taken a long journey to get to where it is today. 

Reaching 50+ followers
Starting an instagram
Writing more posts than the year prior
Receiving my second Liebster award

I would like to take a moment to say 'thank you' to those who have been there from the beginning, to newer followers, those who take the time to write comments, read my babble and everything else I forgot to mention. I look forward to writing even more posts than I did this past year (the number to beat is 43) and bring new ideas to the table. I hope you will continue to follow up with my posts and feel free to stop by and say 'hi' every so often!

"How fun is a straight road in comparison to a road with twists and turns?"



Here we are in 2015. We made it.

Now it's time to refresh ourselves and bring on the resolutions! I can't remember what I started off wishing for this year, but all I can say is that I was pretty content. 

2014 flew by even faster than 2013 if you ask me, even though so many things took place. Soon enough, I'll be graduating, starting college, and making new friends. It's pretty scary thinking about all the changes that can go down in one year. Not only this, but the hurdles that will pop up this semester. 

While uncertainty hangs in the air, I know one thing for sure: Changes don't occur overnight. They are usually gradual; which allows us time to think things through before making any tough decisions.

Who knows? Maybe 2015 will be smooth sailing from here on out? Let's see what it shall bring us.


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