Since I've been in a 'face-care' moment, I thought I would share some of the things I use in my everyday makeup routine. I have the bare necessities when it comes to makeup: eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick. I'm not much of a foundation gal, but I am looking around for a BB cream. If you have any suggestions on brands that work well, leave it in the comments below!

The first thing in my routine would be to moisturize. Once that step is over, I move onto either my eyeliner (lazy day) or my eyeshadow. For my eyeliner, I use a generic store bought pencil. The one in the picture above is two in one: half black and half white. A regular cat eye suits me. Some day it draw it thicker, but still maintaining shape. I am a huge of Wet n' Wild products, so I use their Petal Pushers palette on the daily. Although in the picture above, it looks pretty busted from the palette slipping out of my hand every so often.

My daily lip products rotate from day to day. Sometimes I wear lipstick, other days I don't. It all depends how I am feeling. I either use my Kleancolor lipstick, or Wet n' Wild lipstick. The lip product in the center is a lip balm with a spicy cinnamon scent and taste. On occasion, I like using them as cheek colors.

Now my question for you is: What are your staple everyday products?


  1. I don't own any Wet n' Wild products but that eyeshadow palette looks so pretty with the purples.

    1. Wn'W products are really great! They're pretty affordable and have great quality. I need to stock on some more :)


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