My Visit to the Big Apple, NYC

This past weekend, I went on a well-anticipated trip to the New York City, which was quite the experience! I expected to see busy streets rushing with people from not only New York, but all over the world which is exactly what I found. On our trip we visited the 9/11 sites, Chinatown, various museums, Rockefeller plaza, the Empire State building, and other locations. It's a city that has pretty hidden gems among the great landmarks already featured. 

Funny story, I got lost in Times Square. We had free time to roam around the area, but there was only one rule: always walk with a partner! Of course, that was the rule I broke on accident all because I was checking out the new Pokemon games that were released recently
It was pretty scary walking down the street because the thing about New York is people will get up in your face and ask for you to buy things from them or grab pamphlets for busing and such. I'm pretty glad our tour guide person mentioned this to us ahead of time. Long story short, I popped into the M&M story, and found someone I knew so it all ended well! I even lived to tell the tale...


  1. New York is one country I've always wanted to visit, and all these photos make me want to go now! xx Amazing photos :)


    1. I recommend to definitely visit at least once in your lifetime! :)

  2. I'm loving this post. Do more like this again! <3

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