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So, this has been a long awaited post for myself, because of my newest camera upgrade! A little while ago, my old Nikon Coolpix S5200 broke, yet again after I bought it for the second time. And I was pretty ticked off, because I did absolutely nothing to break it. In fact, it lasted till the day I came back from my NYC trip and loaded my pictures off of my camera. Later I did some research to find out it is quite typical of that specific model in their line to break for no reason with the words 'Lens Error' on the display, even though I was positive nothing had touched the lens in those few hours. So, we returned it to the company and received a full refund (which was awfully nice, and professional of Nikon).

Moving along toward the story of how I got my new camera, the Olympus SZ-17 which, may I note: is gorgeous! I really didn't want to take anymore chances with another Coolpix, or anything from Nikon for that matter, so I did some camera shopping to find something affordable, durable, and had all the functions I needed. By now, I thought my Nikon would have lasted me for a while longer, giving me time to save up for a SLR camera, but things just didn't end up working out that way-- but that's okay. The great thing about this camera is that it fit all the criteria I wanted and it met me middle way on the type (bridge cameras). Let's hope this one lasts me for a couple of years!

Life, other than school (which I'll be a making a post about soon) has been alright. I recently started back on learning Japanese again, hence the hiragana characters in the beginning. I'm hoping I won't fall off the bandwagon too soon, since I started the correct way this time by learning the characters before learning words. Otherwise, life has been mellow right now...

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